Searching the closest shops with products

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Searching the closest shops with products

It is impossible! You can sitting at home or at work on your mobile phone and you can have full access to the resources of large supermarket chains. If you can search all products from shops you can plan your shopping list befor you will there so in result you SAVE your time. You are going to shop only to get what you need. You needn’t thinking what you want and spend by this more money!

Just that the user select the closest shops from list choose product by cattegory and add this to his shopping list. All products selected from shop should have photo, suggested price, type of unit and short description. A major advantage of the search products in the shop is possible to search by typing the appropriate name or phrase in the top field. If you click on the button search then you should see list with all products which contents your searching word or phase.

If user use an active shopping list at the bottom he should have a bar indicating how many products have already been defined in his shopping cart and the suggested price of the basket.

If you want to show the route to the nearest shop simply hold your finger on your shop and choose from menu “Show route” then google map should navigate you to your destination.