Manage home badget by mobile phone

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Manage home badget by mobile phone

OnClick allows you to control costs by implementing a list of daily expenditures (such as shopping, bills, corporate expenses). Based on the data entered, system generates detailed data, so you can fully control all your expenses and create a monthly statement.

The product list can be created manually. For this option you have appropriate form where you can define a name, unit, quantity or price.

Our NEW features are creating products by selecting an item from the nearest shop. If you want to find the nearest shop, just click on the cart icon button. When you filter searching products you should see a form with the product details like: image, suggested price and the unit type.

The last option for creating product is added product by bar code scanner. When Google resources has been found you will see the product image, suggested price and short description. Such a product can be added to your list, or you can cancel your action.